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SPEC Genesis - The new generation of CommuniGate

CommuniGate SPEC is born today with version 8.0. The Critical Communications platform brings the heritage of CommuniGate Pro reliability to the Regulated Industries.

CommuniGate SPEC is ideally suited for mission-critical communications systems in the private and public sector markets. Zero downtime achieves reliability paradigms to meet the needs of National Emergency systems, Defense Message infrastructure, and Enterprise critical communications that are regulated for privacy.

KEY ASPECTS of CommuniGate SPEC:

  1. Multi-modal Critical Communications Platform with.. Internet Standards and Application Programming Interfaces for integration into proprietary topologies.

  2. Enhanced encryption primitives for the ultimate capabilities of cybersecurity.

  3. EasyCrypt delivers email encryption that is secure, yet easy to use. Leveraging the Mobile Réunion application for biometric authentication chains, the use of email encryption is now possible for mass adoption. Fundamental for public service organizations that need to allow citizen access with reliable control.

  4. Superior performance on multi-core platforms. User deployments scale from 1000s to 100 million!

  5. Available on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, with containers for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

  6. Réunion is the user-facing client for critical communications, proving standard communication features over encrypted channels.

*Optimized for the Windows operating system to leverage the multi-core processor affinity and hardware-based acceleration of video.

*The client allows fast switching between communicate modals, with drag/drop between features or other applications on the computer.

*Réunion is also optimized for Apple iOS and Google Android devices, including tablets with more real estate for business-intensive workflows.

SPEC Genesis

Reliability is what matters when choosing products or services. What is remembered about companies, is whether the products or services work when needed most. MailSPEC is a trusted partner in the Critical Communications industry with unparalleled uptime.

If your organization requires a secure communications channel for compliance, or you need a way to have a backchannel from your company to your partners, connect with us today to set up a test drive.

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