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MailSPEC Team

At MailSPEC, our success is driven by a diverse and talented group of professionals dedicated to delivering innovative communication solutions. Our team comprises experts from various fields, including cybersecurity, software development, customer support, and sales - all working together to ensure your digital safety. Each team member brings unique skills and experiences, united by a common passion for excellence and a commitment to our clients. 

Jon Doyle

CEO & Founder

Jon Doyle

Reaching back to the Dotcom days in Silicon Valley, Jon contributed to messaging standards, having
worked on the SMTP, DKIM, DMARC, and SIP protocols. An accomplished pilot, diving instructor, and bio-chemistry philanthropist for pre-adolescent oncology.

Arash Tabrizi

President MailSPEC USA


Overseeing the US operations, Arash brings more than two decades of business experience in the creative field, including graphic design, branding, user experience design, multimedia, digital print services, and high-tech. But above all, Arash is most proud of being a devoted father to two beautiful young ladies.

Jerome Villain

Directeur Général MailSPEC Europe

Jerome Villain

Leading the operations of the team in Europe, with a long history in software and services, Jerome has worked with FinTech in data rooms, mobile messaging, and government public safety. Jerome is an enthusiastic sportsman. He has a passion for Rugby, Tennis, and winter sports, demonstrating a dedication to staying active and competitive. This combination of professional acumen and personal interests reflects Jerome's dynamic and well-rounded approach to life and work.

Sachi Noma

Vice President Japan

Sachi Noma

Sachi is an accomplished enterprise software executive working with systems integrators delivering Solutions to Enterprises and network operators. His work has included end point network security, on line auction systems, biometric authentication, and carrier grade messaging systems.

Sachi is a musician in a band, and loves playing frisbee on the Japanese beaches whenever possible.

Joshua Olson

Vice President Services

Josh Olson.jpg

Josh has delivered high quality customer care for over 20 years. He leads our support and services
organization instilling a culture that combines a customer-first mentality with industry best practices.


Enjoys quiet time away from technology with his family, and cheering on Manchester United.

Tanguy Godquin, PhD

Director Research & Development

Tanguy Godquin.jpg

Overseeing the Research & Development team, Tanguy holds a PhD in cybersecurity. His deep commitment to innovation in technology is showcased through his hands on engineering in both software and hardware design.

Off the clock, Tanguy retreats into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, where he crafts elaborate adventures with his friends and family.

Chukri Soueidi - PhD

Senior Technical Lead, Protocols, SDK, and Compliance Technologies

Chukri Soueidi.jpg

Chukri brings over a decade of experience in building reliable software across diverse sectors, including public services, healthcare, education, and commerce. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on formal methods in software engineering and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP).

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chukri is a marathon runner and is involved in artistic projects, particularly in automating scenography for performance theater and installations.

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