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Client Profiles

MailSPEC has deployed Critical Communications and services to over 17,000 organizations globally. Our products are ideally suited for high security messaging systems that are often secondary to public email. Many brands use our technology for customer support and self-care systems in the banking and commerce sectors.

  • Encrypted Email 

  • Critical communications for public alert services 

  • Financial Services encrypted communications 

  • Homeland security 

Selected for renowned reliability and trust, with innovation in action!



Globally known as a standard for eCommerce. Ebay handles a massive and consistent amount of client communications every day.

Our technology enables this to be done securely, with compliance in mind. The brand covers many jurisdictional segments, and MailSPEC has kept Ebay customer communications in lockstep with their pace under the most demanding conditions.


PayPal is a household financial services brand. MailSPEC has partnered with PayPal in a relationship built on trust and reliability. 


US Space Force

While public Cloud services are applicable for some collaborative use modes, private messaging systems are required for high security. For the US Missile and Space command, our technology provides critical communications for public services with private network controls. 

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