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Messaging that meets Compliance

Built for sovereign control

AI enabled for customer value

Meets SEC, FCC, FAA, HIPPA, GDPR & APPI regulations 

Secure Communications


Our products provide jurisdictional control over the technology. License origination within the European Union or Japan. Private cloud control over data and staff access.


Encryption for message transport and data at rest. Signaling encryption for endpoints with escrow capabilities to meet regulatory conformity.  


Uptime levels with targeted support level plans. National scale alert systems, multimodal communications within compartmentalized high-security network topologies.


Compliance enabled Messaging within Office365

EasyCrypt enabled Office365 provides:

We use AI to prevent human mistakes, improve collaboration, and adhere to compliance in messaging. 

Archival for HIPPA, SEC, GDPR, and APPI regulatory mandates.

Quantum Computer safe Encryption 

JACE AI: Preventing Human Mistakes

Our AI enabled JACE system comprises “Journaling, Archival, Compliance, and Escrow" services.

Some of the most common mistakes in Enterprise communications are:


  • forgetting attachments

  • sending documents to the wrong person/s. 

  • missing archival for compliance 

  • grammar and business acumen 

  • data mining pertinent client details prior to sending 

JACE AI - 2.png
JACE AI - 3.png

The JACE AI agent can bring compliance and enhances customer value

Réunion screenshot (1).png

Private Video Calling

Kept in a Soveriegn Cloud

Compliant, Secure Video Meetings


Our Story

Our team is comprised of internet security experts, many whom have wrote the standards for the protocols. Our founders were involved with the creation of email 30 years ago and now strive to enable a new generation.

Our Technology

Our multi-threaded technology holds all known performance records. We have several patents allowing us to deliver the best-in-class. Our products are under the validation of the French ANSSI certification.

Our Vision

We strive to provide easy-to-use technology, when privacy is not an option. Everything we do remains compliant, to regulatory conditions of private and public organizations alike.

What we do to enable  
compliant privacy...

Critical communications are deployed in services that we use in our daily lives.

Some examples of these systems that you might recognize are: 



SEC Compliant Messaging

Airline Communications

FAA Compliant Messaging


HeathCare Practitioners 
Insurance Groups

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

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